A freelance journalist from Philadelphia

Live at the CWCB Expo

A former academic — both as an administrator and a classroom instructor — I traded in the ivory tower for a typewriter, hoping for a chance to lend my voice to today’s most pressing and more exciting issues. After 12 years at two of Philadelphia’s finest institutions, Drexel University (where I also earned my Master’s Degree), and Villanova University, I launched a successful freelance writing operation that allowed me to work on cutting-edge projects in emerging industries.

Initially using my skills as a copywriter and public relations talent, I wrote blog posts, press releases, social media copy, and other marketing pieces for small businesses and entrepreneurs such as Crush the GRE and The Hemp Cooperative. As my business grew, so did my clientele.

In November of 2017, I teamed up with one of the top creative and marketing agencies in Miami, Florida, Creative Propulsion Labs, allowing me to work on some large national campaigns. It was there that I grew my business and my skills exponentially, working on projects for large publicly-traded companies such as PotNetwork Holding, Inc., Clic Technology, White Label Liquid, and many more.

At the same time, I began freelancing as a journalist for an up-and-coming website in the emerging cannabis industry called PotNetwork News. Within a couple of months, I was named editor of the site, helping it to grow to national prominence and growing readership exponentially.

Interviewing NBA Superstar Lamar Odom

There I honed my skills as a journalist, doing some of my most exciting work. Along with interviewing some of the top CEOs in the cannabis industry, I interviewed celebrities such as the NBA’s Matt Barnes and Lamar Odom, and former Mexican President Vicente Fox. As I had always hoped, these interviews lent a voice to the national conversation. 

PotNetwork News successfully launched a print magazine in March of 2019, bucking industry trends to prove once again that readers will still look to print for long-form stories that matter.

By the summer of 2019, my work as a journalist began bringing me to new and exciting places. I expanded out from the cannabis sector and began to look at topics that were a bit more personal to me, including drugs and addiction. Features looking at America’s drug issues from new angles helped add another layer to the national conversation.

More recently, I’ve dedicated my work to presenting balanced claims based on science and research, while exploring topics of race, poverty, and other social issues. Today, I’m a successful freelance writer that helps clients refine their messaging, and a dogged journalist working to uncover stories no one else will tell. I’ve also become a regular contributor to Generocity, one of the premier local news outlets in Philadelphia. To date, my work has appeared in Alternet, Filter, The Fix, HuffPost, MJ News Network, Talk Poverty, Venture Beat, High Times, Smoke & Vape Magazine, and more.