Community advocates make the case for equitable housing in the spirit of Dr. King

In observation of MLK Day of Service, Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia hosted a virtual conversation between Corinne O'Connell and James Crowder on the ongoing fair housing crisis —part of the org’s series, "Race, Housing, and Health in Philadelphia."

A look inside the stubborn problem of access to benefits and relief in Kensington

Generocity contributor Brandon Dorfman looks at some the root causes of poverty in Kensington, and at the limitations of, and challenges to, poverty alleviation efforts that have been deployed in the neighborhood in the past.

Temple University’s COVID outbreak left North Philadelphia’s Black community ill-equipped and uninformed

Neighborhood leaders paint a picture of a vulnerable community imperiled, not only by COVID-19, but by students' risky behavior and a university plan that didn't include them.

Salima Pace is one of a new generation of union leaders. But why stop at that?

The Secretary-Treasurer of District 1199C National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees talks with Generocity about funding education, supporting maternity care, and creating space for Black women in politics.

The protest encampments — and the housing crisis they represent — aren’t going away

On Monday the City gave notice it would evict the residents of two encampments the next day. After a flurry of actions on Tuesday, the residents find themselves with a reprieve until Thursday morning, when a federal judge is slated to hear their testimony.

Organizers and activists clash at the crossroads of Philly’s housing crisis

Forty unhoused Philadelphia families are squatting in vacant buildings that belong to the Philadelphia Housing Authority. As those individuals transform the blighted spaces into living ones, Occupy PHA and PHA spar about housing needs.

This is the view from within the encampment on the Parkway

The City announced this morning it will disband the autonomous tent city by next Friday. But Brandon Dorfman takes us inside, to meet organizers and the people experiencing homelessness who called it home.